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Balclutha Casual Classes:
Monday Pro-Spin: 6.00pm (45 minutes)

Saturday cSc: 8.00am

Milton Casual Classes:

Monday Pro-Spin: 6.00pm (45 minutes)

Wednesday cSc: 6.00pm

Saturday cSc: 7.30am 

Or come try our 6 week group training classes: 
Tribe Fit Classes ( Monday, Wednesday, Friday )
TKO Classes Milton ( Tuesday & Thursday )
CSC Classes ( Tuesday & Thursday)




Times of these classes may change throughout the season. Check out our Facebook page for updates.

For any more information feel free to give us a call or come down and see us at the Cross Recreation Center.

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cSc is a program unique to Pro-Fit, and has been designed to ensure you achieve personal results within a group fitness environment by combining our Pro-spin cardio bike sessions with strength, power and core training exercises. You will produce new skills within a fun and motivated class, while focusing on building your inner core strength.

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Pro spin is designed for all levels of fitness, weather you are new to exercise or a regular gym body. The best thing about Pro Spin is that you are in control at all times using a resistance dial on the bike. Throughout the class you will experience a series of hills intervals and sprints encouraging you to push and challenge yourself. 

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TribeFIT is a strength and endurance conditioning program designed for any committed individual, regardless of fitness or experience. 

TribeFIT will increase your strength and endurance, burn fat and calories and produce functional, full body fitness results leaving you looking and feeling amazingly fit!

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TKO- Strong, fast and powerful.
TKO is our high intensity boxing and cardio fitness class, formulated to increase your power, strength and overall fitness.

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Let us design a safe and effective 

fitness program tailored to suit you and your fitness level. We will assist you in reaching personal health and fitness goals.

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Come along and try one of our classes in free week. This gives you the opportunity to try before you buy. Our free week is at the beginning of every 6 week block.

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